Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program provides support to a broad group of people with multiple barriers that may include one or a combination of cognitive, social, physical, mental health and learning disabilities.

Our Supported Employment Program does not require a referral; walk-ins are welcome.

The program provides essential skill development for employment preparation and employment training to individuals as necessary which may include a classroom setting, pre- employment training and/ or unpaid work experience placement leading to paid employment.

Essential Skill development may include things such as problem solving, decision making, job task planning, working with others, literacy, computer use and interview prep. Pre- employment activities will focus on attendance, work ethics, work habits, attitudes about work and the importance, of respect for the employer regulations and requests. Providing job development to meet individual’s strengths and employers needs, including interview supports. Arranging and/ or providing on- site job coaching supports and building natural supports. Providing follow- up supports to facilitate job retention. Conducting an annual participant review of progress and service needs by/ with the employer.