Disability Resources List

Association for Community Living

ACL helps people who live with intellectual disabilities discover the freedom to live their lives to the fullest. Services available in Arborg, Beausejour, Brandon, Dauphin, Flin Flon, Gimili, Morden, Portage la Prairie, St. Malo, Selkirk, Steinbach, Stonewall, Swan River, Thompson, Virden, Winkler and Winnipeg.
210-500 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3X1
Phone: (204) 786-1607
Fax: (204) 789-9850

Autism Society Manitoba

The Autism Society of Manitoba is committed to education and support to family and service providers on behalf of and for the benefit of those persons diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder such as autism.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 783-9563

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

The CNIB offers blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind individuals programs and services to help cope with vision loss and acquire skills to do the things they want to. The CNIB has offices in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson.

1080 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3G 3M3
Phone: (204) 774-5421
Toll free: 1-800-552-4893
Fax: (204) 775-5090

Canadian Paraplegic Association Manitoba

CPAM assists people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 786-4753
Toll free: 1-800-720-4933
Fax: (204) 786-1140
Email: amcilraith@canparaplegic.org

The Manitoba AIDS Cooperative

The Manitoba AIDS Cooperative designs, develops and implements appropriate HIV/AIDS programs, services and policies for people living in Manitoba.

Box 26071 RPO Sherbrook
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4K9
Phone: (204) 774-7722
Fax: (204) 774-7775
Email: aidscoop@escape.ca

The MS Society of Canada – Manitoba Division

The MS Society works with people who have Multiple Sclerosis to ensure they have the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of life. Services are available from offices in Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, Portage la Prairie, Morden and Steinbach.

400 – 141 Bannatyne Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0R3
Phone: (204) 943-9595
Fax: (204) 943-8444
Website: www.mssociety.ca
Email: info.manitoba@mssociety.ca

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program of Manitoba / Family Services and Housing

This group offers a wide range of employment-focused services to assist adults with disabilities in preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment. Services available in Morden, Carman, Portage La Prairie, Flin Flon, The Pas, Beausejour, Selkirk, Dauphin, Thompson, Brandon, and Winnipeg.

Unit 3, 139 Tuxedo Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3N 0H6
Phone: (204) 945-1335
Fax: (204) 945-1735
Website: www.gov.mb.ca

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association helps persons with intestinal or urinary tract diversions.

Phone: (204) 237-2022
Email: iwoa@MTS.net

The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resources Development Inc.

The Centre offers employment, training, and education services to aboriginal people (Status, Non-Status, Métis and Inuit).

The Aboriginal Centre
304-181 Higgins Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2G1
Phone: (204) 989-7110
Fax: (204) 989-7113
Email: icaahrd@abcentre.org

The Fibromyalgia Support Group of Winnipeg

This support group sponsors and promotes educational programs and services to all persons with fibromyalgia, their friends and families, their physicians and healthcare professionals, and the general public.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 975-3037
Fax: (204) 975-3027

The Hepatitis C Resource Centre

The Hepatitis C Resource Centre supports, educates and advocates for those who are infected with Hepatitis C.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 975-3279
Fax: (204) 975-3027
Email: hecsc@smd.mb.ca

The Huntington’s Society of Canada

The Society maintains a national network of volunteers and professionals working to find new treatments and ultimately a cure for Huntington’s disease and to improve quality of life for people with HD and their families.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 772-4617
Fax: (204) 975-3027
Email: hdrc@mb.sympatico.ca

Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba offers information and support services to those affected by Cerebral Palsy.

1060 Ellice Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0C9
Phone: (204) 982-4842
Toll free: 1-800-416-6166
Fax: (204) 982-4844
Email: jmckenzie@cerebralpalsy.mb.ca

Manitoba Brain Injury Association Inc.

The Manitoba Brain Injury Association informs and assists persons living with the effects of a brain injury.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 953-5353
Fax: (204) 975-3027
Website: www.MTS.net/~mbia
Email: mbia@MTS.net

Manitoba Down Syndrome Society

The Society provides support, information and awareness about Down Syndrome.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 992-2731
Fax: (204) 975-3027
Website: www.mts.net/~mdss/
Email: mdss@MTS.net

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada

MDAC generates the financial and human resources necessary to help people challenged by neuro-muscular disorders today, while searching for tomorrow’s cure.

Winnipeg Community Office
1 Morley Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2P4
Phone: (204) 233-0022
Toll free: 1-800-565-1601
Fax: (204) 233-6367

Network of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Manitoba

Supports and promotes businesses owned and operated by persons with disabilities.

748 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0X3
Phone: (204) 774-6633
Email: nedmb@mts.net

Obsessive Compulsive Information and Support Centre Inc.

The Obsessive Compulsive Information and Support Centre Inc. provides support, education and information to members, their families and friends, and to professionals.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 942-3331
Email: occmanitoba@shaw.ca

Parkinson’s Society Manitoba

The Society is the regional voice of Manitobans living with Parkinson’s, their care partners, friends and family. The Society works to ease the burden and help find a cure through advocacy, research, education and support services.

301-171 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1M4
Phone: (204) 78-2637
Toll free: 1-866-999-5558
Fax: (204) 975-3027

Post-Polio Centre Inc.

The Centre serves as a support group and information centre for polio survivors throughout Manitoba, especially those suffering from post-polio syndrome.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 987-3037
Fax: (204) 987-3027

Reaching E-Quality Employment Services Inc.

Reaching E-Quality Employment Services Inc. promotes the employment of people with physical disabilities, offers complete employment counseling services to clients, and provides educational workshops, recruitment and consultation services to potential employers.

305-1200 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0T5
Phone: (204) 947-1609
Fax: (204) 947-2932
Email: info@re-es.org

SAIR Centre of Learning

SAIR Centre of Learning works one-on-one with clients with mental health issues who are seeking a return to the work force.

201 Scott St.
Winnipeg, MB R3L 0L4
Phone: (204) 474-2303
Fax: (204) 453-3959
Email: sair@MTS.net

Society for Manitobans with Disabilities

SMD provides a full range of rehabilitative services to children and adults with physical disabilities throughout Manitoba.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Ph: (204) 475-3010
Toll free: 1-866-282-8041
Fax: (204) 975-3073
TTY: (204) 975-3012
Toll free TTY: 1-800-225-9108

The Arthritis Self-Help Group, Inc.

Self-help group including people who have arthritis, their families, and others interested in learning to cope with the problems associated with arthritis.

825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 783-4227
Fax: (204) 975-3027
Toll free: 1-877-668-2333
Email: ashgroup@mb.sympatico.ca

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation

We have made it our mission to help people with disabilities break down barriers to employment. We give job seekers the tools and confidence to educate and market themselves; we help them refine and demonstrate their abilities. We help employers become leaders in socially and fiscally responsible hiring and retention practices. it is important to us that employers understand the business case for hiring qualified employees with disabilities.

206- 1080 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3G 3M3
Phone: (204) 415-4412
Contact: Jackie Joss