Employment Training

Our Employment Training Program is available to adults (18 +) who are referred by a referral agent such as their Employability Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Counsellor (EAPD), Manitoba Possible, Vision Loss MB, Canadian Paraplegic Association, Prairie Mountain Helath- Mental Health Counsellor. The Employment Training Program can help with employment activities such as arranging interview appointments, coach trainee on how to prepare for and deal with job interviews, develop work performance skills such as following directions, staying on task, making decisions as well as use and care of equipment, speed, appearance, punctuality, self expression and relations with co- workers and supervisors. We also provide the necessary supervisory resources to monitor the development and work activities of the participants by which aptitudes and behaviors are shaped conducive to satisfactory work performance. We can assist participants with counselling in job search techniques, and provide the necessary supports in assisting participants to access other employment services that could provide job placement assistance (eg. Service Canada & Employment and Income Assistance). We strive to provide ongoing support of the participants, as required assisting, coordinating and monitoring the participant’s progress securing employment. Pre-employment activities will focus on attendance, work ethics, work habits, attitudes about work and the importance of respect for employer regulations and requests. Each participant is encouraged to set personal goals and to complete a personal job plan.

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