Ethical Guidelines for Staff

1. Integrity

People receive assistance as unique individuals with varying interests, preferences, and aptitudes. They should not be grouped together on the basis of label, functioning level or convenience of support.

2. Choice

There are sufficient options related to each individual’s interests and desires in life in order to exercise control and autonomy over their life’s direction. The choices made by an individual are the result of being fully informed through direct personal experience and/or considering information on potential alternatives.

3. Respect

Services are always dignified, age appropriate and enhancing.

4. Participation

People have the opportunity to actively participate in all of their chosen pursuits of life.

5. Competence

Individuals are provided opportunities to develop skills of interest and use in their lives.

6. Employment

At all times, the individual receiving supports is the central driving force in the development of options and decisions. In the design of training specific to integrated employment, professionals have an obligation to reflect the following principles and accomplishments in an effort to promote services consistent with human dignity.

7. Career Planning

Employment should be an option for any person interested in working. Maximum use of personal networks and situational experience provides information to help guide career support, rather than focusing on limitations which exclude people from possibilities. Individual rights to confidentiality are observed.