Who are We?

Career Connections Inc. is a professional, results driven, employment agency which specializes in working with and securing employment for individuals living with a disability. Career Connections has been a leader in supplying these services for over 45 years.

We at Career Connections provide a dedicated team of professionals whose focus is to secure sustainable employment for our mutual clients.

Employment Training

Adults with a range of disabilities including mental, psychiatric, learning and/ or physical disabilities. The services are broadly defined to accommodate individualized needs.


  • Arrange interview appointments, coach trainee on how to prepare for and deal with job interviews
  • Develop work performance skills such as following directions, staying on task, making decisions, use and care of equipment, speed, appearance, punctuality, self expression and relations with co- workers and supervisors.
  • Provide the necessary supervisory resources to monitor the development and work activities of the participants by which aptitudes and behaviors are shaped conducive to satisfactory work performance.
  • Provide participants with counselling in job search techniques.
  • Provide the necessary supports in assisting participants to access other employment services that could provide job placement assistance (eg. Service Canada).
  • Provide ongoing support and supervision of the participants, as required assisting, supporting, coordinating and monitoring the participant’s progress securing employment.

Pre-employment activities will focus on attendance, work ethics, work habits, attitudes about work and the importance of respect for employer regulations and requests. Each participant is encouraged set personal goals and to complete a personal job plan.

Supported Employment

Support to a broad group of people with multiple barriers that may include one or a combination of cognitive, social, physical, mental health and learning disabilities.


  • Provide essential skill development for employment preparation and employment training to individuals as necessary which may include a classroom setting, pre- employment training and/ or unpaid work experience placement leading to paid employment.
  • Essential Skill development may include things such as problem solving, decision making, job task planning, working with others, literacy, computer use and interview prep.
  • Pre- employment activities will focus on attendance, work ethics, work habits, attitudes about work and the importance, of respect for the employer regulations and requests.
  • Providing job development to meet individual’s strengths and employers needs, including interview supports.
  • Arranging and/ or providing on- site job coaching supports and building natural supports.
  • Providing follow- up supports to facilitate job retention.
  • Conducting an annual participant review of progress and service needs by/ with the employer.


  • Have functional limitations which limit their ability to integrate employment.
  • Require assistance to prepare for, obtain and keep employment or become self- employed
  • Be unemployed, in accordance with the program’s policy.
  • Do not qualify for regular Employment Insurance benefits. The criterion will be checked upon reception of required forms.
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person who has been granted refugee status in Canada.
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada according to the relevant provincial and federal legislation and regulations.


  • Employability development and long- term employment integration.
  • Business start- up
  • Skills acquisition related to the employment integration project or business start- up, through short term training.
  • Access to adapted professional services to increase employment opportunities.


Avis’s Place

Avis’s Place is a service for people with intellectual disabilities where they can come and socialize with peers in a safe environment. The center offers social, recreational and educational opportunities for Community Living Disability Services participants as well as pre- employment skill development and job training, and community engagement to support greater independence and participation in the community.


  • A safe place where participants can feel valued and engage with their peers in social, recreational and educational activities.
  • Increase involvement in the community and decrease isolation.
  • Increase participation development in the community events and activities.
  • Create greater opportunities to obtain life and pre- employment skill development and volunteer or work experience.
  • Assist in developing strong social and communication networks.
  • Enhance independent living skills and social development, including problem solving, decision making and working towards fulfillment of personal goals.