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Meet Karen!

About three weeks ago Karen started working at Fabricland, now for a woman who enjoys knitting and is extremely creative, this was a dream come true. This is Karen’s employment journey.

Karen was referred for Employment Services in July of 2016 as a client of the Marketabilities Program through the Government of Manitoba and soon introduced to Hailey Simmons, her new Employment Counsellor. Hailey explains meeting Karen for the first time and remembers that she was shy and quiet. Karen remembers feeling extremely nervous.

Back in 2007, Karen had experience some health difficulties, which caused one of her legs to stop working and she explains it as her legs being partially paralyzed.

During their first meeting (Intake Meeting) which was attended by Karen, Vocational Rehabilitation Worker Robin Arsenault and her new Employment Counsellor it was determined that part of the services offered to Karen was going to be the opportunity to have a work experience placement. Everyone involved thought that this would be a great assessment tool to see what Karen was now capable of physically doing and to assist with bringing back up her stamina after being without work for an extended period.

Not long after the initial meeting Karen and Hailey hit the ground running, Karen completed the resume booklet, attended Pre- Employment workshops with Employment Counsellor Grant Irvine related to Self- Esteem, Confidence, Workplace Relationships……

Karen successfully completed an extended work experience placement at The Dollar Tree and it was determined that she was ready to move forward.

In October, Karen and Hailey went back to the drawing board and determined that all roads were now pointing to “Paid Employment” This weighed heavily on Karen but with a bit of encouragement and using the analogy “Sink or Swim”. Karen and Hailey began to work weekly on “Building Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence” and finally dropped off an application at Fabricland and crossed their fingers.

SHE GOT THE JOB!! Karen’s passion and job collided and have blended beautifully. She is now successfully employed at the Brandon, MB Fabricland location and is currently working two days a week.

Everyone at Career Connections is on their own employment journey, and we are here to help you along the way.